Sad day for music lovers,
One of my favorite singers,
In the end what i've done I feel so numb

one of the best Alternative Metal bands of 2000s. RIP

It's really a shame/sad that this happened, I certainly was not expecting this at all. Listened to a lot of LP when I was a kid. RIP.

not good sad day :(

That's so sad he leaved the world :(

That's just so sad we are saying goodbye to another great artist who leaves us too soon.

So sad that he decided to leave this world... He always spoke about his suffering within his songs.

Yea, for some reason this got before and even more so now. @trendo

que buen video los recomiendo

@alvaroquenta hoy se murio o suicido el cante de este grupo, linkin park.


Beautiful song.... Thank for share... MuciC can be enjoy to hear it

It's sad day for music lovers :(

Very nice artist, I am sad to know about his death.

It's sad to here his death... But he lives here & there.. I mean in your heart and in my heart! I wish rest him peace


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Heard today Linkin Park after a long time. Thanx for sharing it.

RIP ,his songs has accompanied me on one of my worst days , great loss . :(

This man sing a song while shaving his beard without a cut :-)

Yes @stefen but sadly today he died

Omg :-( i didn't know this. His voice is so good.

Wow, I did not know until I saw this post.

Hey @papa-pepper Yeah sad.... and this song seems to speak of that sadness/pain that led to his suicide.

Damn it, I used to listen to Linkin Park back in the days.
It's sad. Rest in peace man.