Glad to See ChainLink (LINK) Hold Up Well Amidst the Sea of RedsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #link4 years ago

As you have noticed, much of the cryptocurrency as of November 2018 has been either trading sideways or slight price decreases. Nothing as dramatic as the up and down price actions between January to August 2018. Seems like the market is figuring out the next price direction.

Amidst all of the recent reds across the board, I noticed the ChainLink actually has been holding out well with its price action, being one of the lone green in the sea of red.

I've held on to my ChainLink since a year ago, right around when I entered in around $0.18

We shall see if ChainLink can continue it's upward climb.

Anyone else HODL-ing ChainLink? What do you predict price with LINK will be in 2019?

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