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In 1994, Jay Leno was the new host of the Tonight Show. He had Burt Reynolds on and Nickelodon host Marc Summers. Burt was in a bad mood and started a fight with Summers. Summers made a joke about Reynolds' recent divorce. Burt got pissed and threw water on Summers. It went downhill from there.

I enjoyed this clip way more than I should have. I must be tired. Hope you folks enjoy it too.

If you want more, here is an except about the event from Marc Summers' book.

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I watched all that.... uh, thanks? Summers’ body language would put me in a bad mood too. At least they hugged at the end.


Reynolds was already in a bad mood because Jay had been mocking him ruthlessly the entire show over his divorce (according to Summers' book). Normally I wouldn't enjoy something like this. Reynolds was picking a fight and I usually don't condone his bully behavior, but last night I was tired and the clip tickled me the right way. Also, Summers was kind of asking for it by being annoying. The jock vs the class clown.