Acehnese Language: Common Useful Acehnese Phrases

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(Aceh Map)

Aceh is one of Indonesia county which has much more stunning places to visit and to have holiday. For instance Sabang with always has a number of foreigner visitors, the capital city Banda Aceh. Pulau banyak (Known as Banyak Island) and some other lovely regions for the places provide the visitors new things to experience. In addition, Aceh also has a number lovely food and drink to enjoy, like Gayo-Coffee which recently has been promoted and known globally. Every year Aceh always has various visitors from different province and country. Most of them visited Aceh on a holiday occasion. However, many visitors especially stranger visitor forget one main important things, they need to acquire the language for language play an important role in human life. Moreover, the language that should learned is Bahasa Indonesia (Read: Indonesian Language) and Acehnese Language. But then, Acehnese language is very important to learn since it is the first language produced by Acehnese (Read: People of Aceh) after Bahasa Indonesia and English. Besides, English are not quite familiar for some Acehnese while Bahasa for some Acehnese is reluctant to produced. They tend to speak Acehnese instead of Bahasa Indonesia. In this article I would present some useful Acehnese phrases which commonly used in everyday conversation.

(Sabang Island)

(Banyak Island)

(Banda Aceh)

Meeting Someone (for the first time) Phrases

Peu habaHow are you?
Haba get/hana getI am good/ not good
So nan dron/gata/kah?What’s your name?
Nan lon JohnMy name is John
Dari pane dron/gata/kah?Where are you from?
Lon dari AmerikaI am from America
Pat tinggai gata/dron/kah?Where do you live/stay?
Lon tinggai di Banda AcehI live in Banda Aceh
Peu ka meukeluarga?Are you married?
Ya, ka meukeluarga/gohlomYes, already/not yet
Seunang merumpok ngon dronNice to meet you?
Jeut neupeugah haba bahasa inggreh?Do you speak English?
Na yang jeut peugah haba bahasa inggrehDoes anyone speak English?
Lon hana that jeut bahasa AcehI don't speak Acehnese very well
Bacut/Meuah (when you want to pass)Excuse me
Jeut lon tanyong si peu-peu?Can I ask you something?
Lon hana meuphomI don't understand
Teurimong geunasehThank you
Get/sama-samaYour welcome
Jeut lon tanyong/teumanyongCan I ask?
Peu na pertanyaan?Any question?
Ci kheunPlease say it
Bek bagah that neupegah habaPlease speak slowly
Ci kheun lomPlease repeat
Tulong tuleh/ci neutulehPlease write
Tulong deungo/ci neudeungoPlease listen
Tulong baca/ci neubacaPlease read
Tamong/neutamongPlease come in
Neuduk/tulong neudukPlease sit down
Bek neubacaDont read it
Bek neutulehDont write it

I think that is all for today common useful Acehnese daily phrases. I hope you it benefit for you. Thank you in advance.

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nice post, (bereh that nyou)

Hahaha. Teurimong geunaseh. Hana tateupeu tuleh le. Peu nyang na ju tahantam. :))

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