Have you met me yet? Lindsey Stirling an entertainment role model for families.

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Lindsey Stirling is a dancing violinist, movie producer, world tourer, and one of the best role models in entertainment I can find for my kids.

She got her start on America's Got Talent

Technically, she got her start when her parents enforced violin lessons over and over, but her big break came when she went on America's got talent.

a few reasons I like her

  1. She's actually very talented as opposed to just using autotuned nonsense
  2. She's technically inclined and does the video editing to make many of her videos
  3. She isn't a disney princess or a skantly clad idiot.

My favorite song is Elements

Look at the costumes she designs and wears. They are classy and beautiful and avoid going slutty.

I watch Lindsey with my daughters

As a parent it's hard to find content that I like. It's all helpless princesses and mean pirates for a lot of the shows. And the shows exploit kids. Seems like there are a lot of mkultra victims and project monarch victims that get tossed into the mix.

I like how I can sit back, watch my kids have their imagination going through the roof, start dancing, want to play the violin, and just be really grateful for what she created.

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Super talented I've always loved her music !

I love Lindsey's talent. I discovered her back in 2012 with this one and it is still my favorite:

She is amazing. My daughter, a novice self-taught violinist, absolutely adores her.


My kids get mezmorized.

Agreed. True talent and finally a good role model.


Yeah. I really love her! My kids light up. I took them to her concert and they went nutz!!!


I don't blame them :)

I love the way she mixes classical violin and EDM!

I discovered her when she did a cover of Zelda.
It was forever ago. I didn't even know she was on America's Got Talent.

Did you know, Anime's Got Talent?

Great post @aggroed, reminds me of a story, hope to post soon about another great family friendly role "models" that are a family. Please consider "The Johnson Strings"


Totaly agree.. Beautiful and talented

A pop culture treasure for sure. She has such a unique story in the world of entertainment. I wonder is she has a certain level of ADHD?

this is interesting

She's one of my favorite artist too -- known about her for a while now. I actually enjoyed many of her video game music remixes being a former gamer myself.

My favorite:

My second favorite:

My third favorite:

But many of her other ones are great too.

Taylor Davis is also worth checking out too btw.

Completely agree. Weare very eclectic in our homeschooling. It's borderline unschooling but with a Waldorfish flair with very limited screentime. I started noticing disturbing trends in kids' television, movies and even music about ten years ago. Now, I'm finding that even the picture books from the library I have to go through thoroughly. We try to stick to classics as much as possible. Anyway, Roundtable Rivals is a favorite for my 4 kiddos.