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One of the things I do when my mind refuses to cease and my body needs to release energy is to explore the limits of my physical range of motion. The human skeleton and corresponding muscle need to be actuated and utilized in order to regenerate, exploring ones range of motion stimulate every portion of the mind and body requiring all kinds of coordination and exchange between every cell in the body to every other cell.
I'll find a space I can stand where I can't touch anything as long as I keep one foot planted. This reduces likely hood of injury. Keeping both feet planted and shoulder width apart I start to reach out as far as I can, then up as high as I can, and over to the other side as far as I can; try with both hands. Do not hurt yourself, only go as far as you are comforable, these are not instructions, you are responsible for exploreing your own capabilites safely.

Starting from my right side(probably because I'm right handed) I'll see how far I can reach in every direction to see how far I can reach in the area standing and crouching. I find I can stretch the tendons all the way from my fingertips all the way to my feet. From my feet to my neck, shoulders to my core. I'll then remove the plant condition from my right leg, roll and get the inner thigh and groin, switch to keeping the right foot planted and rolling around the right leg. At this point one can be pretty red in the face but I like to end with what I call Praise the Sun. Mine is the version which I find the feeling which most stretches wherever feels tight. I do it to streatch my groin cause that's usualyy tight so I have my legs apart, feet pointed out, though I also point them inward too. Hand/wrist tendons to peck muscle is a good one.

At this point i'm usually pretty alive and pumping having concentrated my attention on my own body for a while that annoying voice goes away if done properly and what you need to do next is usually easy to determine.


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