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Everyone enjoys a Limerick.

The metre of the verse is easy and they are supposed to be funny!

Here are a few examples:
When I dined with the Duchess Of Lee,
She said “do you fart when you pee?”
I replied with some wit,
“Do you belch when you shit?”
And felt it was one up to me!
There once was a man from Madras
Whose balls were made of brass
In stormy weather
They clanged together
And sparks flew out of his arse!
There was a young man from Bengal
Who was asked to a Fancy Dress Ball
He decided to risk it
And go as a biscuit
But the dog ate him up in the hall.


Image: Pixabay

The Contest:

Each week you will be provided with the last word of the first line.
All you have to do is complete the limerick.
There is no limit to the number of your entries.

Prizes are as follows:

1st place receives 400 TRAIL and 10 STEEM
2nd place receives 200 TRAIL and 6 STEEM
3rd Place receives 100 TRAIL and 4 STEEM

The contest will start every Wednesday and entries must be submitted by the following Monday.
Full details to follow on Wednesday, 29th March with the ‘word’ for Week 1.



Image: Pixabay

The winning rhymes will be announced each Tuesday and published here on steemit and on other Social Media Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

I leave you with this classic:

There once was a man from Peru

Whose limerick stopped at line two …



The organisation of this contest has been given huge support by the guys at SteemTrail.

If you have not already done so, head over to the SteemTrail Discord server and check out what they’re up to.

You will need an Open Ledger Account which is free. Simply click the Trail Coin and follow the instructions. For a Streemian Account, click the Streemian logo.


Thank you from your Limerick Contest organiser, please follow, upvote, resteem, generally be terribly nice to @ebryans


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The whale expirement
Now newbies are making a mint
A few are mad
The rest of us glad
So long to those that went

That is a very excellent reply!
Upped and followed. I look for ward to your limericks.
Your scanning tutor (me) will happily get your lines to work as they should! (You are a bit out but that is just picky, right?)
Namaste and thank you again for a terrific reply.

Limericks! I love limericks!

Oh good! I do too - as long as they are funny. Edward Lear, one of the great writers of limericks made them funny ... until the last line. Ronnie Barker, the British comedian used to re-write them and make them very funny! Thank you again for your support. I think I had better take you under my wing as my cheerleader!

lolz. and on that's a limerick my dad taught me when I was just 10...

There once was a man from Boston
Who had a little Austin
there was room for his ass
and a gallon of gas
But his b*lls fell out and he lost 'em!

That is just wonderful!
Well, you censored yours whereas my man from Madras I am afraid had no such scrutiny. Limericks are naughty by nature. There is no getting away from it.
By the way, my first car was an Austin but I am from Hampshire, England. Otherwise, the similarities are very funny. Bits used to drop off and it seemed unaffected! Eventually it was sold and converted into a go-kart. All you ned to know, methinks.
You are now behoven to write a limerick - may I give you the honour of selecting the first word? Everyone has to use it as the last word in the first line. How does that sound?

So much pressure!
You've probably already thought of a word/name/place, but if not, how about
Ned? or New York? or something garden-y like flower or daisy?
I can't decide!!! but it's gotta have a lot of rhyming options!

I think you nailed it with Ned!
To be quite honest, I had not got to the point of selecting a word. So, if you are happy, you have selected the word for Week One!

Ned is out there! The Limericks have started to flow in! Thank you.

it's a plan!


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How kind you are! Much appreciated @onlyvoluntary. Upped and followed you back!
An action which I chose freely and gladly!!

Chain of 1 MB blocks.
Scaling with segwit, it rocks!
Bitcoin will still work,
No need to hard fork.
Fingers crossed. Please, no more shocks.

Excellent response! I like it.
Save your poetic skills for Wednesday - then the fun will begin in earnest ...
Thank you so much for your joining in the fun. After Wednesday, you can write as many as you like and get steemed for it.
You would not, by any chance, be in Ecuador? I know a Colin Armstrong here!

I am not that Colin Armstrong, but I am friends with a few Colin Armstrongs on Facebook, and I think he is one of them.

Upped, following, Resteemed!

Many thanks @girlbeforemirror; how nice to hear from you again!
I hope that all is good with you now and that family life is back to its chaotic normality.

What is 400 trail?

Message from the guys at SteemTrail:
its worth 30 TRAIL to 1 STEEM
roughly 13 STEEM to 400 Trail
I hope that helps!

This sounds like a fun contest – thanks for organizing it! Upvoted and resteemed!

Love them limericks, especially the biscuit one !