Would you love to be a Dolphin?

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Hi There.....Do you like Dolphins

No?.....I don't believe you.....I myself would love to be a dolphin 😊

picture from https://pixabay.com/nl/

I would be one of Earth's most intelligent animals.....I would live together with up to a dozen other of my kind because I am highly social.

There would be an abundance of food such as crustaceans, squids, crabs and loads of fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

I would be able to exercise the whole day through by making jumps out of the water and there would be lots of swimming because that is very good for your joints 😀

I would be quite the hero too sometimes because of the many people I would be able to save from those nasty sharks. I would always protect my human friends for sure.....They are my best friends you know....and make those ugly shark beasts go away 😁

And there is something that might appeal to a lot of you.....I would have sex just for fun with some of my own kind but I would not shy away from contact with other species of dolphins or I could engage in homosexual sex too.....But it would be best not to watch me being engaged in the act because it gets a bit violent at times.....I can't help it that's just my nature 😋

So don't tell me you don't want to be a dolphin.....I would not believe you.....What is there not to love about it.....Unless you would rather be a Whale 🐋😍

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Thank you so very much :)

Nice entry to the dolphin contest by @thekittygirl ^_^ Good luck!

tx so much :)

I'd love to do it only for swimming daily on warm waters ;0)

indeed always fun :)

An interesting view of why one would want to be a Dolphin, in the marine life world and online world. Interesting enough, certain whales are species of the Dolphin. I would imagine being more physically fit jumping in and out of the water. Just may help my osteoarthritis, for sure.

Thanks for sharing.

would be good for anyone I suppose :)

Dolphins are the most wonderful beings in the marine world. They are so intelligent that I compare them to human beings and sometimes they are even wiser. I loved your reading, nice, sincere, simple, thanks for sharing. The first time I visited you, I will be watching your publications because they have a very nice atmosphere. I am Venezuelan, I embrace you from here. @seadbeady

Tx so much for the nice compliment :)

Beatiful Post

tx so much :)

Aahahhah! Interesting and funny. And a bit naughty, too!
Thanks for your post, @seadbeady!

Congratulations on being featured by @iamraincrystal in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

haha, I covered it all :)

Cute write-up. Of course, we all want to be dolphins on Steem - or whales even. I should reach dolphin status sometime this year, so I'm quite excited by that prospect. There's so much more ocean than land on this planet, so being a dolphin in the ocean might be quite freeing too.

I found this post because @iamraincrystal featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!

Tx so very much :)

Your awesome post has earned a Third Place spot in my dolphin contest!
I liked your writing and the research you did on dolphins (some of which I did not know!). Great job, and thank you so much for participating! 😊


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Oh wow that is awesome indeed - tx so very much :)