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Especial para thekittygirl
Es un sueño bien labrado
el que acabas de lograr
nada fácil conseguirlo
te debo felicitar.

Muchas metas me he trazado,
me gustaría como tu nadar
recorrer océanos y mares
a tu lado y olas saltar.

Ayudar a las sardinas,
a defenderse en este mar,
para que sean persistentes,
consecuentes y nunca dejar de luchar,
entregarles recompensas por su duro trabajar.

"Y dijo Dios, Produzcan las aguas seres vivientes..” (Génesis, Cap. 1, Vers. 20)

[FUENTE]Imagen de Wolfgang Zimmel en Pixabay

If i had the power of transformation I would surely aspire to become a dolphin, many are the characteristics in this particular mammal that I like. They are social, like me, smart and they like to work in groups.

If I were a dolphin in the ocean of Steemit I’d feel strange. I would be living in the only ocean where sardines dream with being visited by Whales and Dolphines to be able to grow and not perish!

One thing I wouldn’t like about being a dolphin, it´s teeth, going to the dentists terrifies me, i can´t imagine with 50 teeth.

When I was a 15 years old boy I admire a dolphin that had a TV show called Flipper…



I tried not to miss any episode, now I would like to identity myself with flipper, to help keep our ocean’s environment clean, to fight against dishonest, unscrupulous and negligent.
In Valencia, Carabobo-Venezuela, there once was – or there is- an aquarium where they presented to famous river dolphins, they live in the amazon and one day in 2016, we were surprised by this tragic news…

The last two river dolphins of Valencias’s Aquarium are dead.
The last two river dolphins that lived in valencia’s aquarium passed away less than a week ago. The first one to die, last Thursday, was the youngest of the pod: Zeus. This Wednesday the oldest of this pod of river dolphins, Dalila, died.

[Source] (https://elestimulo.com/murieron-las-ultimas-dos-toninas-del-acuario-de-valencia).
With this sorry story I conclude my entry and dream of being a dolphin!


Your awesome post earned a Third Place prize in my dolphin contest!
I also watched the television show "Flipper" when I was a child! 😁
Such sad news of the dolphins in the Valencia aquarium... 😥
Lovely post, and thank you for participating! I wish you much success! 😊


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