Using lightsteem to interact with the HF20 Testnet

in lightsteem •  4 months ago

Steemit team announced the HF20 testnet. If you're a lightsteem user and want to interact with the HF20 testnet:

  • Upgrade to the latest version:
$ (sudo) pip install lightsteem --upgrade

  • Start the Client with a custom chain parameter:
from lightsteem.client import Client

c = Client(

You're all set.

Note: chain_id is subject to change with next iterations. You may consider injecting it dynamically via get_config (rpc call) and set it to the Client instance to keep it fresh always. (as suggested on the announcement post.)

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I have an easier way to interact with the testnet:

from lightsteem.client import Client
c = Client(nodes=[""])

Why do you set chain?


Transaction signing wont work if you dont set chain id.

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