Task Request: A logo for lightsteem

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Lightsteem is a light python3.6+ library to interact with the STEEM blockchain. I am pretty confident with the progress on the project and I will continue to develop it. You can access the documentation to learn more about the project.


The logo will be used on

There is no explicit color scheme requirement. I always favor minimalist and clean logos. Keywords for the logo:

  • Light/Lite
  • Lightning
  • Fast
  • Thin
  • Steem

I would like to have the logo in SVG(or PDF) and PNG formats. It should has a transparent background. No width-height restrictions, however, width and height should be the same. (Ex: 100x100, 200x200).


Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 3.29.03 PM.png

This is the logo of stormssh. One of my open-source projects. The logo itself may include the steem logo with a lightning.

I am not strictly asking the same idea/logo. That's an example.


A logo/symbol is enough. However, if the artist can make an additional "lightsteem" logo type with the logo, that would be awesome.


A week from when it is reviewed.


You can contact me on Discord at emrebeyler#9263.



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This task request is now open for contributions.

Information for contributors:

  • Only post your design into comments. Only if your work is chosen by project owner or moderator, you may create official full contribution post. Please include link to all source files to your comment.
  • Every contributor is advised to contact @emrebeyler (emrebeyler#9263 on Discord) to get feedback on your work before making a contribution post.
  • The deadline to post to comments is from September 7th 00:00 UTC to September 14th 23:59:59 UTC.
  • Utopian may support the contributor whose design was chosen by the project owner and other contributors whose work is seen as a high-quality one.
  • The Utopian team will see the contribution posts after the set deadline.

Information for the requester:

  • You may keep the post updated if you receive several similar questions. In that case, it is recommended to include a note when was the post last updated and highlight the section with the updates.
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Thank you for your review, @andrejcibik!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hello @emrebeyler, these are my proposals for your project. I hope you like them. If you want to ask for changes, please let me know.

Being the name of the project @lightsteem, for my first proposal I designed a lightning joining two letters L in a dynamic and strong form supported on a square.

I've made two versions with different color.

Orange version
light steem-01.jpg

Blue version
light steem-02.jpg

For my second proposal I created a graphical conceptualization of the python LightSteem library as an interlaced group of ready connections/modules to facilitate the programming work.

It's full of movement and stability, as well as looking very high-tech. As in my first proposal, in this design I use the letter L to compose the graphic identifier.

light steem-03.jpg

I'll wait for your feedback. Good luck with your project.


Hello camiloferrua,
your work was picked by the moderators team as worthy. We like the first version. Looks best in blue, but include all colors. Please make full official contribution post including process, construction, all versions and vector files.
Thank you.


Just wow, these are awesome. Thank you.


Thanks to you for consider my work. I'm happy to help :)

Here is my Logo Proposal for LighSteem @emrebeyler. Your suggestions and comment will be appreciated:)



Hi. Its a nice work. Small elements however are difficult to see in small size.


Ahhhh yeah,, the python eyes are not visible in small size.. But I think, by removing the eyes, its python shape is still there. So it still represents light steem as a light python 3.6 library. What do you think @andrejcibik?


Oh man, this is also great. Can we get rid of the steem logo in the center?


Done bro! This is my revision @emrebeyler:) I also had made a new shape of the lightning :)

hey @emrebeyler. here is my first idea, the logo can be combomark, wordmark and logomark(icon). The logo includes the steem logo with a lightning. And you get all Light/Lite, Lightning, Fast, Thin, Steem.

lightsteem 1.png

if you want to review the source file you can see here. .PNG, .EPS, .SVG file.


let me know what do u think.


An interesting concept.


This means a lot. 😀 rarely get feedback from you


Awesome. Looking really good. @podanrj. I have nothing to add.


Nice. Waiting for the deadline. 😄

Here is another alternative,
After I got a feedback due to its similarity with busy.org (and many other steem dapps.)

Having a vector file is usually an advantage. Although you may not need it immediately, you could use it in the future when you need the image in different sizes, or you want to create other materials with the image. Thus, SVG (or PDF) could be the right formats to include as well.


Thanks. Updated the requirements.


I will also ping @andrejcibik and he may add some other notes

Second concept - puff of steam forming lightning bolt shape.




Hello mrgodby,
your work was picked by the moderators team as worthy. Please make full official contribution post including process, construction, all versions and vector files.
Thank you.

Hi, here my design, Any question about it can do it, if you want some modification let me know.

Hi this is my proposal:

ektorcaba proposal for LightSteem
View image

Font Family: Futura Bk BT (Book)

The idea is still the same. just add the character S in the middle and give it a thick look.


hi emrebeyler, this is my entry


i hope you like, and i'm waiting for you feedback, thanks :)

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Greetings @emrebeyler
here is my work and im gonna comment the sources files after making all the requirements. this is the glimpse of my design, i do hope you will like it.

feel free to comment or suggest if you want some changes. Thanks !


from the project owner's suggestion, i made a new design.

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Here is a simple, yet effective approach. It is a modification of the Steem logo to incorporate a lightning bolt. I'm using the same colors and typography of the original logo, however, that can be easily changed if you're looking to separate yourself a little more from the Steem brand.



Hello, here is my proposal. These two forms interact with each other and form a lightning is its interior that also resembles a letter S.

Have you heard of Beem? It is a similar project. There are three libraries for Steem on Python3. It would be nice to see something like Beem for C++.


Yep. I have used both steem-python and beem. While steem-python and beem both have huge codebases, lightsteem is light in many ways.

Hi @emrebeyler, here are my proposals though similar


Niceee.. I hope you find a great logo