Try Lightning transactions on the Bitcoin testnet

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Hi everybody.

Soon we will adopt Segwit on Bitcoin and this makes it possible to make instant payments via the Lightning network.

I just tried it today and I must say it is really cool and I just can't wait for this to reach the mainnet. Acinq has created a wallet called Eclair wallet - sadly it is only available for Android.

Together with this wallet they have created "Starblocks" where it is possible to simulate buying coffee with Lightning transactions.

You can try it yourself.

1: Download the app.

2: Get some testnet coins. You can some here:

3: Open a Lightning channel. Choose "autoconnect" (see the screenshot below) you have to swipe to the right to get to this page.

You now choose how many mBTC you want to put into the channel.

4: Wait for 2 confirmations on the blockchain.

5: Go to Starblocks and check it out. When you are done testing return your testcoins.

This gives a great picture of how it can work. I am looking forward to see how it's going to work when a lot of people start using Lightning, how the network routes and how much we will be paying in fees. I paid 547 satoshis which at the time is about 1-2 US Dollar cents and I guess this must be a one hop Lightning transaction. On the mainnet I hope this is going to been less for per hop.


its great except you cannot find a node...stuck waiting for confirmation 2 forever...