Ofcourse its not rigged im just unlucky

in lifestyle •  3 months ago 

Placed a bet of 16 steem under 95
5% chance of losing
Placed bet of 57 steem under 95
Of course its not rigged im just unlucky
Good out Provably fair blockchain bullshit.
Ps not the first time its happened
Come join this awesome site and get fuked in the ass dry

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You do realise with the amount of bets that happen on dice games and the possibility for anything happening, that you get times you roll 2 highs sometimes more in a row? It comes around, it is bad luck to catch it and I have caught them as well.

So with all the bets being placed whats the odds of hitting 2 consecutive numbers(losers obviously). I had 4 in a row a month ago. I play blackjack for real and aint had 2 consecutive losing sessions ever. Here im down over 5000 steem over 5 account.
I have had 12-15 losing hands in a row in bj but never won more than 5 in a row ever.
So your either affliated with the game, you play dog shit to claim some dog shit tokens. Which i have around 50m worth fuk all with fuk all divs.
Or benefit of the doubt your a retard and dont realise your getting fuked over.
Thanks for the downvote, never downvoted anyone but do appreciate it thank you

I downvoted because you were just abusive and whinged in a shitpost, all because you lost but if you won both, you would think it isn't rigged because you are making steem. I am sorry that I had to but if you went about it better, I would've upvoted you.

Maybe you just need to learn how to push out the losses from high rolls so you can get lower rolls. I have had times I hit a loss streak on dice, blackjack and video poker as it happens, also lost more than I put in due to bad luck, but have hit big wins from smart plays with some luck.

I usually bet on epicdice as you can go under and over, better chances to win, maybe you should try there?

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I just messed about on this account to prove to myself its rigged. I will do a post with 95% win chance on dice. Will Screenshot everyhand for 100 in batches of 10. Then will do 5% win chance. With your logic i have an even chance of winning the same amount. I bet you any amount you want i will be in a negative.
I play blackjack for a living. Im up £5k this week in real money. Its the only game in a casino odds wise thats evenish. I have played over a few thousand hands on here and i have won max a couple of hundred at best. Which is impossible. Plus off different accounts. Which is even more ridiculous. I will load up in a few weeks as im off abroad and will tag you in and tell me honestly if you think its fair.
I usually play 1/2/4/8/16/32/64/124 it makes me go to 124/248 before it pays me which is basically a win of 1 (profit) last week i did that 8 times in a row exactly the same.
Blackjack. I have 18 dealer has 8 and next card A happened to me so many times its funny and i even know its gonna happen but noone can take on 18.
Anyway you have your opinion and i have mine so will agree to disagree for now

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