Clean liver disease from arrogant and vengeful nature

in #lifestyle2 years ago

Don't be busy thinking about the shortcomings of others because that will lead you to an attitude that is arrogant and arrogant.

Do not assume that someone else is happier, because there will be jealousy toward others.

Do not care about other people's gossip about yourself, and never hate someone, because that will only add to the burden on your mind.

If someone else has made a big mistake and hurt you, sincerely apologize and forgive him, so that you and they can live in peace.

Living in revenge only makes us depressed and leads to bad things.
Start living more relaxed and happy.

Remember, we still have a lot to do, busy ourselves to do a lot of useful activities, there are still many unfulfilled hopes, there are still many desires that have not yet been achieved, and many dreams remain unfulfilled.
Trying to do the best and be useful for yourself and your family.


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