The steemit wife - My first Pilates class and a little opinion on the side.

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I'll start with a quick history on this one, I fell in Feb ’15 and tore 5 ligaments in my ankle. It has taken a painful reconstruction surgery and over 18 months of physio to get to the point where I can walk but still have loads of restrictions.

This saga is what has lead me to try and find some form of exercise that I can do, considering that the day to day things I used to do like running or cardio classes mean impact on the ankle are now not possible. I have investigated and tried a few options with no success, so this morning I thought let’s try Pilates. This decision is one I may regret tomorrow because I can already feel the “morning after” muscle aches and its only been a few hours since the class. **What the hell…** isn’t Pilates meant to be just an hour of stretching? Apparently not! It amazed me that with such small movements could come such intense deep muscle burn. At one point I honestly thought my abs were going to give up and we were barely even moving. Halfway through the class I rolled over to the poor unsuspecting friend that I had dragged with me and said “I think you might have to drive me home after the class because I can’t feel my leg’s”. It was pretty satisfying that she was in as much pain as I was considering she is a lot fitter than me. In my opinion you need to give it a try, I have already signed up for the next month of classes. Please just do me one favour whatever you choose to wear to your class do a few stretches in front of the mirror before you leave the house to ensure they are Pilates “appropriate” …. Enough said. **Bring on Summer!**

I can just imagine that post Pilate workout feeling @theshell

For people with limited mobility Pilates is a perfect choice (and even those without limited ability). My dad has just started to get into Pilates to reduce his stiffness due in part to his knees and having had multiple replacements he doesn't have the ability to run, but enjoys biking and is benefiting greatly from Pilates. Pilates isn't just for women or any specific demographic. Great post!

Thanks, looking forward to many more sessions and you so right there was such a mix of age and gender in the class. Hope it works out for your dad.


Thanks 👯👯👯


Sounds hard work!

Of course is hard works
Burn all that calories 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

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