[SRS] Be original!


Our world is in decline. We have reached the point, where everything is just a recycled asset, or it is copied from something else, something older.

I mean video games, films, pop music, art, architecture, and you could surely find more things that have no value anymore. But value might be subjective, in this article it is originality, new things added to the genre, likeability and overall differentiation from other things.

I am conservative in many things, but when I play several exactly same games, just with a different environment, and listen to the music that still repeats itself, it makes me realize the reality. And I'm not even talking about modern art, oh my... Garbage, literally. A full garbage can is the modern art. Not even painted on a screen. The definition of modern art is "If you think it's art, it is art". Welcome in the world where standards don't exist.
The art wasn't meant to be easy, nothing that has value is easy in it's basics. (Yes you can insert joke about Hitler as an successful artist in modern times, but that's just how it is)

Big corporations are milking their previous ideas to the dead end. Recycling the same assets over and over again, until the last human being on the planet will be sick of it. And why?
Because they have no reason to try, no impulse that will force them to develop new ideas, their competition is on a same level. What about the game developers for example? We own the genre, competition is inexistent, people are still buying, why should we even care? Just make our programmers work constantly, force them to release the game as soon as possible, and grab the money. People will blame THEM. (This is a different topic, but if you're about to start a game development, try a different approach for your coworkers. Maybe more space for their ideas? They are not robots after all.)

What about architecture? We humans were able to develop such architectonic styles as Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance...and then there is Gherkin, right into your insert! Sorry, could help it.

I am trying to say, that being original is hard. You won't have the audience, nor the popularity, but in the end, you will be in better position than those stated above. That's the price for originality, your content has value, and will be valued for much longer than recycled one.

Be innovative, be creative, but mainly, be original.

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