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Talismans is an exclusive, limited edition, collection of five artworks created through the collaboration of two artists, Cherkesov Cherkez and Valerie Busauro.

art design

Dear Reader,

Today in part 4 of our presentation of the Talismans collection we are going to tell you about the Talisman of Fortune.

art design

“From the marriage of the underlying image with the Swarovski crystals, the fusion of

graphite and light into a single, powerful piece of art, your Talisman is born.”

art design

The Talisman of Fortune combines a warm masculine and a somewhat colder but enlightening feminine energy. And holds magical properties: in the use of colour, shapes, patterns and symbology.

art design

There are sometimes things which we cannot avoid. However, there are also things which we need the motivation to change.

Decisions taken, words spoken, and thoughts thought play a crucial role in creating our future.

art design

It is whether we are brave enough to think creatively and overcome the fear of judgments or criticism, which either allows us to live a life where all the doors are open or makes us vulnerable to the surrounding environment.

art design


Beautiful collection @ solodrivenart!

Where is this displayed?

Thank you very much for your interest, the place you will be able to see my artworks in person will be at the Big Boys Toys show at London in November 30th

Ok that's a bit far from me..but good to know!

Oh my God. I've never seen anything more beautiful and precious ❤

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I am very glad to hear your opinion

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The talisman of fortune has such deep thought behind it. how is such design is created ? @solodrivenart please tell

Wow this wall art is really beautiful

Thank you very much. My main intention with my art is to carry love and beauty to this world 🌎

It nice and i pray God will help u with it

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

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