What is your favorite childhood game (outside of your home) ?

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My favorite childhood game was shuttle badminton. We used to play with neighbors in a nearby play area.  The other games we used to play were basketball, ring tennis and even cricket. 

We used to play basketball not as a serious game but were asked to play more for the exercise part of it and also to refresh our body and mind. 

The weekends were spent in playing board games with family sometimes and also card games. All our neighbor kids used to come over after lunch and we used to have loads of fun. 

Thanks for reviving those memories. 

When I look back, I realize that we had a lot of physical activities as compared to the children of today who are addicted to their gadgets. I really wish there is some rule which ensures that kids are not exposed to such gadgets and that they play outside also. 

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Mine is skipping, two girls holding and spinning the rope and another girl jumping in the middle.

On more interesting game is jumping box