Juicy Mornings and the Law of Gratitude

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What better way to begin a sunny day than with a big jar of freshly pressed grapefruit and orange juice?

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Gratitude is the road to abundance. If we treasure the things we already have in our life, we attract more amazing experiences, people, places, opportunities, beauty and sometimes more freshly pressed grapefruit and orange juices into our life.

To bring more gratitude into my own day, I like to make a mental list of five things I am grateful for before falling asleep. Sometimes it’s very easy, other days it’s more challenging. But there is always something that is good in our life, even the most simple things like a roof over our head or enough food on the table. Today my list was pretty easy though:

🌻 Enjoying my work in a vegan café
🌻 Sunny walk outside with my partner
🌻 Fresh, juicy fruits
🌻 Observing a magnificent butterfly
🌻 The invention of zucchini noodles

What five things are you grateful for today? 🍇🏝🧘🏼🍑🍃🐿

If you could use some delicious new recipes for your gratitude list, check out my raw vegan ebook with smoothies, nicecream, zoodles, finger food and so much more. 🙌🏻💫 You can download it right away via this link.

Have an abundant day, everyone! Anais

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Great way to start your day indeed

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