How To Delete Autorun Virus From PC Without Any Third Party App?

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Hello friends. I hope everyone is good. Yes i'm fine too. You already know about the post from title.
So let's get started.

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Autorun virus is a big problem for those of us who use the Windows operating system. We take many steps to get rid of it. Many times due to the Autorun virus, double-clicking on the drive does not allow us to open it but the Autorun menu appears. Now what to do if your computer falls into the hands of the Autorun virus? Many people scan with antivirus! But interestingly, scanning by antivirus often doesn't work. Follow the rule below and hope it gets resolved.
Copy and paste the code below into Notepad and save it as Autorun.bat.

echo off
del “C: \ autorun.inf” / F / Q
del “D: \ autorun.inf” / F / Q
del "E: \ autorun.inf" / F / Q
del “F: \ autorun.inf” / F / Q
del “G: \ autorun.inf” / F / Q
del “H: \ autorun.inf” / F / Q
del “H: \ autorun.inf” / F / Q

When done, double-click on the file and restart the computer, hoping that the AUTORUN virus will not work anymore.

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