Advice that makes or breaks us.

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Advice can make or break us.

What's the best piece of advice you've gotten this year? What's the best piece you've gotten in your lifetime? What's the most important thing you've learned that has impacted your life?

I'll tell you the most important for me. Taking something insignificant and making it into something astronomical. Time plays a very important role here. And a little bit of risk and the help of friends.

It takes using some of the most ancient techniques of trading among countries and pairing in with some of the newest most volatile forms of trading. To top it off you'll have to blend these together and throw a cherry on top. For the nerd it might not be so bad to understand it but thankfully no one needs to understand it to make it work. We can leave the algorithms to the professionals!

This advice came from my 63 year old friend who spent 30 years in the network marketing industry. At one point was a millionaire. And he told me this was the opportunity of a lifetime that he wished he had this when he was my age, I'm 34.

He talked to me about taking Bitcoin and trading it on the Forex using computer algorithms monitored and managed buy a team of people. With Forex being the oldest largest and most stable Financial Market and pairing that with the volatile and hungry Bitcoin, you end up with a recipe for something powerful.

This isn't the best advice I got this year.

This is the best advice I got this year: if you put in one initial $300 investment, in 57 months you would have about $100,000 depending on how the interest floated. If you kept that investment doing work and continue to get interest at 25% you would make a substantial impact on your life and your families.

100,000 at 25% a month is 25,000 per month. Also to note the withdrawal fees would bring this number down around the 18,000 mark.

You can do two things. Invest with us, with no need to learn a thing if you wish, or if you’re interested in changing people's lives for the better and making a healthy commission from sharing our strategy, join our team. We’re a group of passionate individuals, enjoying every day!

Don't waste any more time skipping past another opportunity. Let’s get started.

Kobyn from Canada
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