No waves no problem

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I was on a surf trip in Nicaragua. But you know how it is, sometimes there is no waves, the nature is capricious! No problem when you know a guy that knows a guy that know a guy with a boat, rope and an old surfboard. Here is the result

wakeboard stealyourgf (1 of 1).jpg

Coming to steal your girlfriend like 😂

wakeboarding fail (1 of 1).jpg

The path to success is full of failures🤔

wakeboard barreled (1 of 1).jpg

Got barrelled so barrelled

All shot on Sony a6000 SEL 18-200


lol so pitted like kapoww! epic shots @olegnator

Hi @olegnator This is a wonderful post.

It’s a great way of releasing stress. The time, commitment and perseverance required to perform and master these sports make a person feel self-gratified. It is not easy to learn them, but the sense of accomplishment after makes the person feel like they are capable of achieving almost anything if they set their mind to it. In a way, it builds confidence as well.

I would also like to express my good wishes and congratulations for you.

Have a nice night.
A hug

Cool pictures, water-sports looks so much fun, I keep delaying it but would like to try at least one soon!

Just go for it, it is epic fun, plenty of watersports in Toronto in the summer I imagine ;)

Glad you still find a way to surf...

There is always a way, you just have to look for it 😜

great to spend a day surfing

Good photos! it seems you are having so much fun! Enjoy your vacations.

Just do the dab bro, gets em everytime

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