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RE: Greetings from a Lobitos lifestyle

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Very nice entry! I enjoyed learning about Lobitos, to be honest i had no idea about this place before. Seems to be a big problem with the water there but the idea to use those sewage streams to grow something is so good! i mean of course its a bit nasty but the plant will receive loads of nutrition and probably filter a bit of the bad stuff!
I really like what you are doing and btw. that is a wicked camper van XD! Have a good day!


Thank you @mrf! I am happy that I can tell the Steemit community (and the world) a bit about this wonderful but also threatened place. Yes, those spills are nasty, not to mention a health hazard for everyone and everything, but the vetiver plant can really clean it up. It is just another example of simple and effective solutions that can be implemented to solve local problems that have interestingly persisted for years! I am VERY new here so any other feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

I am new here too and so glad to have the chance to learn about new places and projects. And best of all, i can even support what people like you are doing! Yes, simple solutions are often the best. I hope you will have a lot support from steemit soon, so you guys can do more to protect the environment in Lobitos!

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