Nikki's Quickies

in lifestyle •  6 months ago

I'm chronically ill 43-years-old mom of a 13-years-young son.

I'm also a technical/nonsensical/fiction/nonfiction writer and artist with an English degree and Master's studies in journalism.

As a bonus, I studied abroad in Costa Rica.

My goal has always been to incorporate visual and written chunks of my life and my lectures.

This is a continuation of that work.

What I build is a body of work, so viewing one post or a 10-second video clip won't make much sense.

I encourage my viewers to head over to my page ( or Google "MissNikkiAnn" to find where "most" of my work is scattered--purposely, the search is part of the experience.

For the most part, I don't save (offline) my video and written posts.

I release my work and watch it breath until its final breath--always by the demise of yet another blogging/vlogging service's youthful extinction.

Let's Go!

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