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Do you know that, for every action, word or thought carried out by man, there is always a motive or driving force? You don't act, think or talk for no reason.... It's either you did something because you just felt like it or were asked to or needed to do it. My point is that, there is always a WHY to every thought you think, every action you take and every word you say.
Take a few minutes to ponder on this fact!

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Today, I'd like us to take a critical look at the reason why we say/think/do the things we do and relate it to achieving our goals and deep satisfaction.
Life itself has a way of moulding us using factors such as
-work environment
-experiences and
Now based on how influenced we are by these factors our actions, thoughts and words are developed and shaped negatively or positively.
Now question your satisfaction.
Are you okay with that job?
Are you happy in that relationship?
Do you crave more from family and friends?
Are you satisfied with you current state.
Are you satisfied with the way people feel when you talk to them?
Are you okay with the actions that follow your thoughts?
Are you truly satisfied and fulfilled?
If yes, then keep up the good work but if No, then reexamine your driving force? What propels you to do, think or say the things you do.
Do you do that job to pass time?
Are you in that relationship because your partner has pushrd you to believe that only he or she can make you happy?
Do you respond to everyone the way you do simply because you've been hurt?
Do you treat all men/women harshly because of one ugly incidence?
What's you driving force?
Take another few minutes to ponder on this.
What's the WHY behind it all?

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The unsatisfaction you feel may be as a result of having when wrong driving force.
For now I'd like us to just figure out the reasons why we do, say and think the way we do taking into consideration the various factors I listed earlier.
My intention is to help us review our motives and possibly change them where necessary to help us live lives of satisfaction and content.
In my next post, we'll critically look at some unhealthy motives and their consequences.
Thanks for reading my post, please follow me to see more of my posts and please remember to upvote, comment and resteem..
Thank you.
Love you loads!!! 💋💋💋

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