Shoes Collection

in #lifestyle5 years ago

Both women and men are all the same in terms of collecting shoes not because they wanted to show to the world how crazy they are why they collect and collect a shoes but it's only for their own happiness though some people say if we die we cannot bring all our things and stuff to the other side of the world. For my own opinion I am also one of those people who'd like to collect different kinds and style of shoes cause when I was a kid until I graduated to high school I have never experience having new shoes and branded shoes so as of now I collect shoes even it's not so expensive so as of now I had 3 pair of shoes and I am thankful that even I only had 3 pair of shoes that's enough for me. So I don't blame people who is crazy to collect s shoes they like it's their own money so let's just be happy with them.

Michelle Carpio introducing myself

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