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We live in the world, that want us to put an emphasis on being different than rest of the society. Now, more than anytime before we want to be noticed. We made our lives public by sharing our habits with strangers on social media.

But... Does it always pay off? I don't want to judge need of expression, but I want to show alternative with real life use case. Let's find about people that want to be unnoticed on purpose, and how to become one.

Safety & Survival

There is a lot of misconception about being Gray Man in society. Most of preppers and tacticool guys at first associates with concealed carry, but first of all - this concept is not strictly bound with carrying a gun. Carrying a gun obviously increases your safety, but more important than that is not attracting attention.

Grey Man concept is simple:

Stay out of danger. Be unnoticed. Act confidently if necessary.


Gray Man concept is without doubt highly bound with guns and concealed carry. That shouldn't be strange, as guns allows us to respond to dangers correlated with terrorism.
Shooters have tendency to express their hobby and to show, that they own or carry a gun. That is not necessarily a good practice.

In compromised situations like attack of active shooter, people that may seem dangerous to terrorist are likely to be his first target.

Some people consider this guy being Grey man. He's not

Wearing cliche urban tactical pants, having visible clip of folder knife, even tactical shoes, paracord, T-shirts like AR operator may indicate, that you're ready to respond with deadly force in case of attack.

It doesn't mean you have to wear grey t-shit with jeans all the time. It's all about being undistinctable from rest of society.

More tactical clothing companies understand this and they prepare normal looking clothes with additional pockets that help to conceal your gear easily.

Being tacticool vs tactical

Being Tactical doesn't mean wearing clothes and gear from US Army. It means being prepared to every situation may happen on your way.

Actions and Mindset

Gray Man must maintain self-control physically, mentally and emotionally

Gray Man should always have a plan. It doesn't mean paranoical preparations and planning way out of every building you enter. But you should be aware of your surroundings and people nearby you. In case of danger you should always think about your safety first, because main point of this concept is to survive extreme situations.

Blending into crowd involve expressing our thoughts. Being too quiet or to loud means that we will leave some impression on our surroundings. Remember that expressing controversial opinions makes another people remember you. We want to avoid that. Even brief eye contact when passing on the street can form a connection, making you more memorable than those around you.


Being a Gray Man seems like a cool thing, and really - It is. But maintaining this as lifestyle is really challenging. As Abraham Lincoln said:

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Can you tell if he carries anything dangerous at first sight?

I don't want to make you live that way all the time, or encourage you to be Guardian Angel of Society all the time.

Carrying a gun, wether you're heading to shooting range or just carrying because you like it puts you on risk of loosing it. Being Gray man just for those times may keep you a bit safer in those situations.


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