Ubi Franklin

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Franklin performance as an attendant to Julius Agwu before going on to work with AY Makun and other artists. Franklin journey on to promoting shows and getting contented for gigs. In 2010, he became Iyanya’s contriver before the verse “kukere” was loosen which became a clash.[citation required] In 2014, when the category had expanded, other artists, including Tekno, Emma Nyra, and Selebobo were signed. In May 2017, Franklin based a association which furnish a platform to fund business ideas and start-ups. In July 2017, he launched Instant Pickup, an online laundry office that tender instant asylum pickup and distribution of laundry In November 2017, he pierce immediate apartment, an online sketch that immolate gratification apartments for rent.
In 2016, Franklin dwelling City People Music Awards' Music guide of the year........................



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