Anger Management: Few tips to control your anger

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Do you get angry when people cut you off in traffic? Does your blood pressure go up when your children refuse to cooperate? Anger is a normal emotion, but it is vital that we deal with it in a positive manner. An uncontrolled anger can have detrimental effects on your health and relationships. Consider these tips on anger management if you are want to get your anger under control.

In the heat of the moments, it is very easy to say anything you will later regret. Therefore, take a short moment to ponder before uttering anything— also allow the other people involved in the situation to do the same as well. As soon as you start to think clearly, express your frustration in a non-confrontational manner. Clearly and directly make known your needs and concerns. In order to avoid criticism — which might aggravate tension — employ "I" statements to describe your problems in a respectful and specific way. For instance, say, "I am upset that you left home without helping with the cleaning" instead of "You never do any house chores."

Also, lightening up can aid diffuse the tension. Making use of humor can help to confront what ever is making you angry. It is important to avoid sarcasm though — it could hurt emotions and worsen matters.

Physical activites can aid in the reduction of stress that can cause anger. If you feel that your anger escalating, you can opt for a short walk, or spend some amount of time performing other enjoyable physical activities of your preference.

Do not hold grudges against anyone. Forgive them. If you make way for anger and other negative emotions to crowd out the positive ones, you may find yourself consumed by your own bitterness. However, if you forgive someone who offended you, you may learn from the situation and also strengthen the relationship.

Learning to suppress one's anger is, at times, a challenge for everyone. It is advisable that you seek help for anger issues should it seem out of control.

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