Handle It Calmly Or Harshly: What Is Your Take

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"Handle Issues Calmly" for with a calm disposition the offender you are trying to put right will definitely give a listening ear and equally have a sense of remorse. On the contrary, with a very hard and harsh word(s) you might not be able to achieve the "put right" scenario as the offender might revoke and lock up to every word of correction you are putting across to him or her.
However on the ground of punishment or punitive measure taken against someone who absolutely err on a subject matter or broken set rules and regulations of a body, superiors/boss don't need to shout and call the person at fault names that are not worth calling any person. Yeah..! I could understand emotion might come to play in this very situation especially as a boss who has given instructions on how certain affairs should be handled or executed(I have been in that shoe) and I know how it's feels when subordinates disobey, thereby throwing you into uncomfortable zone. Nevertheless, it's still goes back to you as the boss to carefully pass out your punitive measures if need be. Sometimes it goes beyond just spilling out the wrath of consequences but point out every wrong situation that warrants such disciplinary measures this could be done verbally or in writing, I think I will prefer in written form when it as to be an official situation.
To be able not to aggrevate the already unpleasant situation on ground its imperative to know three fundamental element in information dissemination

  • Information reception
  • Information handling
  • Information management

The above points are vital on how to resolve every situation. Now how do you react to when you get an information, do you react quickly by taking actions or you take your time before taking actions.

I also understand that there are situation that action needs to be taken immediately to save the day. However, decisive requirement should be implemented by due consultation with necessary legal document or authorised personnel has clearly stateted. We should also know that even the way you pass information to a person is also very important especially when it's concerns very tragic incident.

There are different school of thoughts on how one should react when they get information. More so, My take is do try as much as possible to put on a calm spirit. It's might not be easy but it goes a long way for you to look deep and wide on the case before you as a superior; You can make findings and ask questions if need be. By doing this, you are able to handle and carefully manage the situation properly.
The above reasons made me to start this write up : **"Handle issues calmly........" So what is your take

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