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Why Do We Cry?

A young baby has to cry. Crying is a must and not an option. If a child does not cry upon being born, then all get worried. They worry whether the child is normal.

Crying of a child is the first sound that the child brings on earth. Communicating is normally through crying. The child cries when hungry. The mother understands and feeds the kid. They cry when in pain, when sick or in discomfort. A mother often understands.


The first cry opens up the lungs. A child in the womb often depends on the mother for most things including breathing. The umbliçal chord comes in handy. Crying then is a way of the child beginning to act independently. The lungs open and bteathing begins.

We cry when in sorrow. Crying lessens our weight. The distress we have often lessens. Crying is a way in which we wipe out our sorrow. Crying cleans our eyes too. The tears wash away any dirt in the eyes.

We cry for joy too. Tears signify our joy. When we cry, we show our happiness.

Crying may attract sympathy. Women often cry to attract sympathy. They look beautiful when they cry too.

No Woman No Cry


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