I finally got my first recoveree! (Recovery Coaching)

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Big Update!

I am so excited!!
I have been helping people voluntarily for a while but I just got to help MY FIRST professional recoveree! And I’m in the process of coaching him now. For privacy reasons I’ll call him Ted. Ted came into the ER a few days ago to ask for help with his Heroin addiction. From my last post you know that I am very much into God and the Holy Spirit and I believe that GOD lead this young man to me for me to HELP save his life. It couldn’t have worked out any better. I went on call at 7 AM that day and that’s when he said that his mom told him to go to the hospital!! That he got the urge to go and ask for help which means that some of my other prayers came through with him not having to overdose for me to see him. So awesome! I can either see people if they overdosed or if they come to the ER and ask ask for help so I’m glad it was the latter. 😊I was able to help him that day by active listening and helping him get into a detox facility and he got into 60day inpatient detox! I’m off to help more people! See you on the next one! Love you all!

Jeremy of the family Jongebloed

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Thank you @Titusfrost for getting me over to Steemit!👊

Doing God's work JJ, bless you <3

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