Fuck YOU Phone!

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Fuck YOU Phone!
By Sheila Ferguson

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Do you ever get so fed up with modern day distractions? Do you ever wish you could just unplug your phone from the wall-jack like the good-ole days? UNPLUG! Let your phone die occasionally. IGNORE YOUR PHONE SOMETIMES. It feels good, say it with me- "FUCK YOU PHONE!" Last night I did not even bring my phone with me to my bedroom. I banished it from my presence.

This morning, I have had to make three calls to cancel doctor's appointments because I'm still snowed in and cannot get out of my driveway with my loaner car. (My car is in the shop) Then, I had to call this other place to re-order electrodes for my heart monitor, which also has its own phone that acts as a receiver for a heart monitor my cardiologist has me wearing right now. Just making the calls is agitating me. I don't really want anyone to speak to me. I felt like moths flew out of my mouth as I opened my throat to talk at the beginning of the calls. I like sinking into winter isolation similar to a quiet hibernation.

Both phones start vibrating and going off, and I have not even had the chance to shower and dress yet, much less take meds and start my chore lists and creative tasks. UGH! Really, I just want to write in silence and process.

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I found myself yelling, "Fuck YOU Phone!" because I really don't like to talk that much right now. I don't want to be bothered by the vibrations and problems and complications the phone brings to me.

I'm heading back to under the covers with some hot creamy jasmine green tea and a good documentary. I am going to enjoy this snowy winter morning and ignore EVERYTHING. FUCK YOU PHONE!

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