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It amazes me how people never be shamed by things we ought to be ashamed of in the world but yet get so abashed and religious about doing things that have no moral indictment.

It's easy to see a man publicly urinate by the roadside shamelessly and not be bothered about appearance or have people may perceive him or the woman spread-eagle across a running gutter, and letting a stream of urine whittle down her privates without shame.


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These days we have men and women who are not comfortable with being seen with their spouses or showing affection to someone they love or may be attracted to because of public opinions.

They are even ashamed to say I love you to their partners in private because they are scared of judgement from their partners and who they may confide in about their love life.

There is also the issue of women and men that are not totally honest about being sexually active to people for the right reasons like their partners, fiancé(e), doctor etc. all this are traits of insecurities people have to deal with, but yet the very things they most likely should be more protective about are less of a concern to them.


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Some people are very comfortable talking about their marital problems to complete strangers but yet find it difficult to table issues within their families because they don’t want others knowing about their business.

We have a misplaced moral compass, I don't know where we learn to be shamed for things that we're supposed to be get out there especially things that we may need guidance in handling or should be ashamed to share.


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Sometimes, I really wonder how we got here, let take the bold step today and be more free with the things that we may need assistance with or open some of our insecurities, we are stronger than them and give them the power that they have over us. Face your fears today and stop living in fear of who or what people would say or think
We can only try to control how people perceive us a bit but can never fully control their opinions, so stop living in fear and set yourself free.

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