Up Close and Personal

in lifestyle •  last year 


With the Infected during the finale shoot of Philippine Television The Cure.


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It's a very charming Janice

If something like this ever happens and people start turning into a zombie, I'm calling you to defend me. I think you'll do an excellent job, besides being ultra beautiful. Even the zombies will be delighted.

Good night and thank you!!!!

I really like watching your scenes in The Cure. You played the 'bad guy' but you also played a strong woman. Women around the world need to know that they are strong and can do anything they want. I look at you as a role model for women. You show us that you can be strong, but also kind and compassionate. This also goes for your work with UDefend too. Sorry, I went off in a different direction in this post, but I just wanted to mention to everyone that you play a strong woman on tv, but you are also a strong woman in real life.

I can tell who is a zombie, Janice is not a zombie!!
Really cool you are on a TV show and sharing the experience with all of us!!

Everytime I saw you on TV, I always proudly told my friends that you are one of the most popular steemian :)

I miss The Cure, especially watching Valda's fight scenes. You were absolutely badass and amazing! Too bad it had to end so soon. Looking forward to your next projects!

I was able to watch that series. You did your role well! Your fight scenes were so awesome!😀

Wonderful! I love your outfit, and not just you, but all your classmates. The details on everyone's face are fantastic, I imagine there will be quite a few people of all kinds on this shoot.

Looking sexy as always 🤘😘

Excellent performance!!! Upvoted and follow you! Have a nice day and great success always!!!

When does it telecast.

looks awesome do you have any links to the show or know if it plays in the states? sent a follow and upvote

Never know that you are such a big celebrity.

Hello friend @janicehung, beautiful among zombies, your elegance always stands out, for your style and class. Congratulations always.