On Mondays I am Fit

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We have September, summer is coming to an end, and autumn and winter are ahead. On this occasion, I resolved: I am doing great shape until Christmas.
I planned my training for four days a week. In my work mode, this is probably the most reasonable solution. Earlier I tried to train 5-6 times a week, but work at night and hard workouts resulted in endless fatigue. So I went to a compromise, we'll see how it works. I eat healthy every day, so the diet should not be a problem, but I will start to count calories again to have full control.
My training plan will look like this:
Friday: Chest and triceps + cardio
Saturday: Back and biceps + cardio
Monday: Legs + buttocks + abs + cardio
Tuesday: Shoulders + abs + cardio
I planned training for days when I do not work intentionally - I will be able to give more.
Cheat meal as usual - Saturday!

xoxo Jagodzianka

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