Hello everyone :)

in lifestyle •  10 months ago

I am new here. Everyone calls me Colin so I am Colin ;) I live in Poland (EU). Dogs - my biggest passion, my life, my work. I will mostly talk about them.
Just wanted to say "hello" to everyone. I have some ideas to make my account interesting for u all but time will show how is it gonna be ;) I hope that u will like and suport it.

On the start it will be tough because I don't have equipment to make good movies or live stream. But I will do my best to make it work!

Enjoy :)

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Hey Colin! Thank you for your support!


No problem bro! By the way - how did u wknow my name? U r spy or something? XD

howdy from Texas, U.S.A. @hellhouse! just checking to see what some of your dogs look like, more photos coming soon?
thanks, take care and welcome!


Hello an welcome! Thank u for stepingby! Yes, next dogs will soon be on blog so don't go to far ;)