4 Frequent Face Washes

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Washing your face is something you should do regularly to keep your face clean. Unfortunately, if washing the face is done the wrong way, it actually potentially damage the skin and make our face spotty, you know! Well, here are the 4 things you should not do when washing your face so as not to make spotty!

1.Time Often

Apparently, wash my face many times do not make your face become cleaner, you know. The more frequent washing face, it makes skin irritation and stimulate excess oil production. Simply wash your face 2 times a day, ie in the morning and evening. In fact, if you do not wear makeup and do not sweat too much, just rinse with warm water at night.
But you also should not miss face wash in the morning. Because while we sleep, facial skin performs a self-cleansing ritual, such as pushing the waste away through the sweat glands from the pores.

2.No Hot Water

Apparently, washing your face with hot water will make the skin dry and irritated. Better, wash your face with hot water to open the pores, then rinse with cold water. Better to use warm water to clean the face.
3.Remember the Rush
Too rush to wash your face is also not effective in getting rid of dirt and grease. To get a facial skin that always looks beautiful and healthy, take at least two minutes to wash your face. Concentrate massage in the area around the nose and forehead that tend to oily.

4.Blasting Habits

Whatever type of facial skin you have, be careful when applying facial cleansers and masks. Do not rub the towel to face while drying your face. Because this will threaten the elasticity of facial skin.
Allow the face to dry by itself or better to pat the face with a clean towel or facial tissue.

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Two more good things:

  1. Peeling: A light peeling to get of old skin is great. Don't rub too hard though, otherwise the effect will turn to the negative.

  2. Sports: Sweat is awesome. If you sweat your pores get opened and cleaned through. Of course you will benefit from many more things when working out.

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