Cryptocurrency anxiety!!!

in #lifestyle3 years ago (edited)

KeepCalm-Sun, 17 Dec 2017, 12:54.jpg

In an age where a crptocurrency like bitcoin has crossed usd$20g in value yesterday it sort of feels like we're in the midst of chaos. Think about it. It feels easy to get caught up in a wave, trying to get in whilst its hot, on this apparently uber lucrative investment sector, without waying the risks. Maybe its a bubble?! I think maybe not. I'm willing to step in cautiously. I'm much more interested in the blockchain technology and its future applications. What the current technologies it can interrupt are.

In the longer run, im thinking this does nothing for wealth equalization. People who are poor have little technology access. Traditional money vs crypto currency still leaves the poverty gap wide open. The tech savy can get a foot in and play with the big boys who can buy in. But the poor, the financially unsavy, and who couldnt get through a KYC procedure on an online exchange; the people who dont have a clue about tech all are at a disadvantage.

Whats it all going to mean, on a global scale, a human scale, only time will tell, but in the mean time, keep calm; keep informed, and diversify your cryptocurrency. I mean that's why I'm here.


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