Winter is (almost) Here

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Digging out winter favourite clothes, the polar bear coat and shearling lined booties. In preparation of cold days to come, I washes almost all my knits, which I only do about four times a year, wool does not need to be washed often, and now my sauna smells like a wet sheep because the knits are drying flat in there.

It’s a sunny day, I woke up early and I’m feeling goooood. I already took some (read: a shit ton of) self portraits and it’s only 1pm.

There is one thing I dislike about the sunshine, just one, it shows how disgustingly dirty my windows are and how dusty my apartment is. I need to deal with some of it. Though luckily one can’t wash windows in the wintertime because the water just freezes at the surface of the window, muahahah.


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Whats the temperature in your area?

Only -1

Heh, same here.

You seem to Look Great in everything you do, and do not, clothe your body in. Thank You for sharing, you are very generous.
Be Brave.
Love One Another.
In Light and Love
Giant Hugs<3<3<3

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

37 degrees here today, 36 tomorrow...And it's not even summer! Not loving it. Wouldn't mind a bit of winter right now.

Edit: Coat...Legit. 😊

Ugh, that is too much! I can just about take 30.

Yep...I'm with you. Got to 47 here in January this year...It's not pleasant. I was born here and am used to it but it seems to get worse each year.

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Here winter is coming.Now 25/26 degree.I dont like cold weather.Winter season is so disgusting for me.

If that is in Celsius then it's basically summer :D

Time to search for the coat... 😊

Coat(s), you can never have too many when living in cold climate :P