I baked some cakes today

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I literally cannot remember a birthday in our family that I haven't baked for in the last 20 years.... Except of course the ones hubby spent on the boat. 🙄

Last weekend I baked the Xman my infamous carrot cake with a firm promise that for tomorrow night's party I'll be baking his (our family's) favorite chocolate/mayonnaise cake.

Today I did just that. 😍😎 I thought that I have lost my recipe (it's definitely in storage) but then I remembered I mailed a copy to a friend about 4 years ago. Low and behold I managed to trace it in my Gmail account. Yay!!

My sister in law passed this recipe on to me before I got married. It's been my go to recipe ever since. It never flops!! We eat it with icing, buttercream, a whiskey sauce, cream and ice cream. I've made cupcakes, brownie type cakes, it's just good for every occasion!
Tomorrow I'm going to put a whitish buttercream over it. Perhaps with a coffee or caramel flavor? 🤔
Check out my mixer that I'm using. It's older than me I'm sure and used to belong to my grandmother. It's just one of my favorite baking utensils and things that I packed in one of 15 suitcases when we moved to the island. 😊 😍 So happy to still be able to use it.


Furthermore check out the nifty little egg yolk gadget that I'm using in the second video. So super cool! And easy to use!


We've got some crazy weather here today, strong winds, rain, sunshine, rain again.... Worse than a moody woman it is. 😂
Anyhow. Here's hoping you're having an awesome Friday! ❤️

All photos are my own

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Oh my word! They must be delicious 🙏👍👌💐

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