Depression is real, anxiety exists... We just don't acknowledge it

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Hello everyone!!

〰️Happy humpday! Sure it's Wednesday again and this week has just flown by so far although each day on it's own have felt like an absolute drag.

〰️Here I am wearing my pretty new dress from earthaddict at truworthsfashion, hair washed and styled for a change.. 😂 It was our monthly coffee meetup though, enough reason to make an effort, so lippie on and ready to go.

〰️What you are NOT seeing in this photo is the effort it took me to get prettied up for the morning. What's invisible is the fact that although the coffee meetups is one of the highlights of my month, I'm in a very bad space emotionally and hiding a shit load if inner turmoil with a pretty dress, some makeup and a smile.

〰️I'm not saying this to look for sympathy. We each have our own crap load to deal with on a daily basis. What i would like to point out is how easy it is to hide depression, mental stress, anxiety and what not. And yes, even I have my times where I feel like it's too much effort to get up in the morning. Throw in some empty nest happenings, work stress from hubby's side, missing family and friends and a dash of life in a foreign country being unemployed and bored to death.. Yup... Now you know why I drink... Jokes. (no disrespect meant, jokes about alcoholism is not really cool and I do not advocate drinking to hide or deal with depression or stress)

〰️So what do we do.... We Slap some makeup on, plaster on a smile and Bob's your uncle. People will only see what they want to see and look as deep as the color of your lipstick. Most won't even notice that your smile don't reach your eyes. Not their fault though, it's just human nature. We shy away from getting really involved. We shy away from deep conversations because it might mean we'd need to commit to more.

〰️So next time you see me with my glass of wine or photos of sunsets taken whilst I'm walking on the beach and you think I'm living it up just know that nobody is ever just happy every waking moment of their lives. One can count your blessings every day but still be dealing with deep-seated personal issues. You can be smiling on the outside but screaming on the inside. Just know that you are not alone.

〰️Have a good one! ❤️

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