Rice, chickpeas, mushroom and pepper in a creamy Vegan cheese sauce 😍

in lifestyle •  8 months ago

Rice, Chickpeas, Mushroom & Peppers in a cheesy vegan sauce 😍👀



• Rice
• Chickpeas
• Mushrooms
• Pepper

What to do

• Fry your mushrooms, pepper, chickpeas & rice (with no oil, use a splash of water if you need)

• In another pan boil some rice milk (I use Organic rice dream as it uses no stabilizers/sugar/unnatural ingredients)

• While the rice milk boils add in some sea or rock salt, 1 garlic clove & coriander

• Once boiled, add some violife vegan cheese (@violife use no preservatives or artificial flavours) about 30g will do

• When the cheese has melted, add the rice, chickpeas, mushrooms and pepper

• Simmer with lid on for 15 mins and add flavouring for preference👌

Then serve up and enjoy 😍👀

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nice dish