Breakfast, how to get lots of protein and minerals in the morning!

in lifestyle •  8 months ago 

Chocolate Quinoa for breakfast 👀


Made with:

• Quinoa
• Cacao Powder
• Chia Seeds
• Banana • Maple Syrup
• Chocolate Chip
• Rice Milk • Coconut Blossom Sugar


• The Quinoa, cacao powder and chia seeds are all complete protein sources! Meaning they contain all your essential amino acids!

• Quinoa has 18 amino acids 👀

• Quinoa and Cacao powder are full of nearly all essential minerals 👍

• 3 tsp Chia Seeds has 140% of your omega 3! Also a little omega 6 punch too

• Quinoa has lots of natural fiber in

• All Gluten free!

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howdy sir dan47! this looks like the perfect breakfast to, easy, super nutritious! great job.


Yes it is! It does tske about 40 mins to cook in total but 30 mins of it is simmering untouched so its not bad haha but definatley give it ago i was shocked that cacao powder was also a conplete protein source too haha


sir dan47! yes sir that is very surprising about cacao powder being a complete protein, that's great news though! This is a winner for breakfast, it would be filling enough to last you through the morning too. great job!

Thanks Dan , healthy and looks really yummy , cheers!!!


No problem happy to help! Just want to help spread healthy foods to help us heal the planet :D