Emotional habits and our life!!

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Habit is faster than our intentional behavior. And when it comes to any emotional habit we react too fast. Like showing our anger or going crazy for something.

These emotional habits have a huge impact on our life. Maybe we can point out uncountable events when we behaved irrationally and later regret it. But do we choose to react in a different way? Can we change the way we react and perform our emotional habits? Okay, the answer is not concrete but it's more than 'maybe'.


Let's dig in!

I personally worked on this 'emotional habit' thing on me. Because I felt that some of those are causing uncomfortable and unwanted scenarios that I didn't want. So, I believe if anyone realizes they need to change emotional habits and the reactions they can do that.

For me, I usually practiced to be patience in those types of senarios where I need to control my emotions and reactions. Imagining the scenario, pointing out what we need to do, simulating the event in mind really helps.

Also, I think we can do these things to improve our emotional habits in a better way.

  • Write down the emotional feeling before doing or reacting it. It helps to know how the output will be and visualize what we need to improve.

  • Build specific behavior that makes us feel more valuable. Like reacting in a different way of saying something nice in bad situations.

  • Practice and simulate those uncomfortable events about how to behave.

  • Imagining doing opposite behavior and the reaction.

Hold on. Think and do. It takes time to change what we are and how we really behave. But there's no way to live with negative behavior. So, we should rather work on this to improve and live a better life.

I hope it helps a little bit!

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