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First step: Hydrate yourself

Every morning when I wake up, I drink my detox infusion* (ready and chilled since the day before) to which I add half a teaspoon of spirulina* and 33cl of coconut water*.

  • Mixture of 11 organic plants that complement each other to detoxify and purify the body. The latter are draining, diuretic, help digestion and waste disposal. (nettle: remineralizing; fennel: tonic, calming; liquorice: appetite suppressant, inflammatory, hydrating; thought: depurative, protects the skin; ash: diuretic; mallow: softens and calms the intestine and stomach; artichoke: tonic, diuretic, prevents liver failure; burdock: detoxifies the liver, protects the skin; lemon: diuretic, depurative, softens the skin)
  • Algae absorb toxins from the digestive tract (intestine, stomach) and contain many minerals that help to clean the blood.
  • A large quantity of proteins: 60%+ are composed of amino acids --> including 9 essential amino acids: ideal food supplement for vegans or vegetarians.

  • Many minerals and trace elements: iron, copper, magnesium, zinc (effective to fight fatigue and promote recovery) + sodium, phosphorus, potassium (effectively regenerate the body)

  • A variety of vitamins: many derivatives of vitamin B (B2, B3, B9, B12) + vitamin A + vitamin E

  • Benefits of its pigmentation: its green color comes from the chlorophyll whose core attracts toxic elements (hence a detoxification of blood) and promotes the production of red blood cells. Rare pigment, but present in large quantities in spirulina.

This supplement is ideal, suitable for all and above all, its price is reasonable!

  • Water with a sweet taste also containing many nutrients (vitamin B: gives energy and helps the good functioning of the nervous system + potassium: fights against water retention and restores the balance of the body + zinc, selenium, antioxidants: protect external radicals).


Second step: Wake up slowly

In the morning, it is important not to rush your body, in order to start the day in a good state of mind. If you set an alarm clock, try to get up as soon as it rings. Indeed, by activating the repeat mode, your body loses its bearings and no longer knows whether it is in rest or activity mode...

The things to do after a long night without drinking water is first, to hydrate and second, to stretch well. For my part, I practice Yoga. Some postures are known to stretch the body gently (stretching): you can find the necessary resources on Internet (Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest...).


Then, I make several series of Sun Salutations (minimum 4) having first applied the essential oil called "ylang ylang*" on my wrist.

  • Soothing, tranquillizing oil with the benefits of stabilizing blood pressure, reducing stress, regulating the nervous system, relaxing muscles or controlling sebum production.

It is also a powerful aphrodisiac, antibacterial recognized preventing the risks of infections, limiting bad bacteria and parasites.


Third step: Move your body

After my Yoga session, I start to wake my body up actively by making more energetic movements also working on the capacities of concentration and balance (moving planks: commando, mountain climber...; squats, or alternate lunges).

I make sure I have at least 30 minutes for Yoga (10min) and sport (20min). Very often, I have one hour of time, which is ideal: 30min Yoga, 30min HIIT.


Indeed, 30 minutes of exercise a day brings more oxygen to the blood, kidneys and liver, which makes the elimination of toxins more effective.

Fourth step: Gain strength

Step by step, we feel more and more fit. But we still lack some strengths to face the day. I am not sure if breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Beware of the campaigns of sweet products mainly consumed at breakfast...!!). But if you get up two hours before leaving to work like me, you’re supposed to feel hungry:


My breakfast has protein, is vegan and energizing, and without refined sugar.


This is a porridge made with vegetable milk (I vary), organic and natural protein muesli (oat flakes, soya, dried fruit, oilseeds), cocoa, coconut, chia* and psyllium* seeds.

After breakfast, I take a capsule of green tea guarana* (it should not be consumed on an empty stomach) and Vitamin C*.

  • These seeds are rich in fiber and good fats. They contain omega-3 and omega-6 which are unsaturated fats that help reduce cholesterol levels (not to be neglected). They also contain 23% protein, vitamins, calcium and a good amount of antioxidants.

All these components together help reduce cardiovascular risks such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.

  • The psyllium is a plant considered as the best regulator of the intestine, its first function is therefore to stabilize the transit. It also has the function of reducing cholesterol, glucose (diabetes), preventing cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel or fungal infections.

I really like using it for porridge because it gives some consistency!

  • The main component of guarana is called guaranine. We can compare it to caffeine. It stimulates the central nervous system, fights fatigue and helps improve concentration and reflexes. It is also known for its appetite suppressant and fat burner effect.
  • This vitamin is interesting because its main function is to help us neutralize the negative effects of toxins.

Fifth step: Get clean

Now, after eating and doing sports, I would surely go back to bed.... my body is digesting and wants to go into nap mode but NO WAY, the day is just getting started :').

My miracle trick: COLD SHOWER! Well ok, it's not easy, but if you want to prove yourself that you are a Warrior and that you have a lead mental, it's the best! I love it and now it's just as simple as a child's play. In addition, the cold shower has ONLY benefits, as long as you don't take it directly after doing sports (wait 20min minimum, if not, take it warm, you have to know how to make exceptions...).

After this revitalizing, purifying and more than energizing shower, I apply my cleansing cream* with pink grapefruit, while my face is still wet. I’m thrilled by its smell, I smile and start the day in a good mood!

I am grateful for this morning routine that gives a boost.


  • This cream moisturizes the skin, making it clean and fresh. It fulfils its functions by gently cleansing and purifying the skin. It also helps to reduce imperfections (sebum, irregularities, shine...).

Now you know everything: Let me know if you have any type of question (quantities, types of exercises, products...)

Take care of yourself,

Li. <3

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