FOMO & Depression

in #lifestyle4 years ago

What do you think the main reason for your depression ?

An unsatisfied life. Only a few in the world are living a satisfying life. There is no mystery in that answer. Then arises the next question of what makes you satisfied?
Maybe a well-paying job, Cliche relationship like the ones that you see on mediums or A celebrity Staus.


Maybe we don't accept these are our wants at the initial stage. I was like that. I was fussing around with that with my ego and not ready to accept the fact. I wanted what 90% of the people wanted in life.
When I accepted. There comes the analysis of these goals or desires whatever we name it. Then arises one more question. Are those people who have already achieved these goals really happy?

I know friends and neighbours who are already achieved these. They still look depressed and unhappy. So finally understood that it's not our state of living that cause depression it's our thought process.

Most of our depressions root cause would be FOMO, Fear of missing out. We all have that feeling of everyone other than you is having a good time and you are just stuck in this boring part of your life.


The thing you should understand is everyone's just upset and dealing with their fears. If you are having that in the bedroom they are having it at their colourful party. The only difference is they are showing just the good shade of their life to the outside world. It' s not at all a bad thing. You can also do that. But never compete on that with others.

There is a lot of saying that seeing social media posts of celebs who are having a joyous and wonderful lifestyle may create an ego and cause FOMO on you. Just blaming social media for everything become a trend now.
Even without social medial your ego and jealousy can be triggered by looking at a neighbours life.
Some say to avoid social media. That is really utter bullshit. What are you becoming?? A Monk??
It's not at all a solution. If you have a sound mind anything happening outside won't affect your mood. If you have the capability of understanding what is real and what is not everything becomes simple.

Dealing with depression is all about understanding your environment and acting upon it practically. But if our thoughts and understanding are of a narrow sense. It will be not that easy .

Including me, we have a very narrow thought process. We only knew what google knows. Most of us believe in the data provided by other blindly. We google everything. For us, the greatest people on earth will be the ones that google shows in order.
You look at their lifestyle and you wanna be like them. Maybe that way they pass through will be only applicable to their environment.


Maybe those people are not at all of any greatness. Google doesn't even have a little trace of the greatest person in the world. He may be living his life somewhere in the world within his own walls and having a good time with that. Maybe he is living in your neighbourhood.

In my case, I have got a lot of helpful information from my friends and the people I have met more than that of those greatest one's google shows. I'm not saying that those are all fake. I'm just saying about understanding the environment around you.

So peeking more on others lives and a having the unrealistic desires never get you anywhere. At that point you understand this, FOMO ends. There is no such thing as a normal life also. It's an illusion we live in. It's just an imaginary point we fixed on our mind.

Never think about not getting depressed. We are humans, not robots. We all get depressed. It's all about how fast you can get out of that depression state and find out a solution. Just think more about the state only just mess up the situation. So just live peacefully with the right understanding of our surroundings.

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