I decided to go vegan again 🌱

in lifestyle •  3 months ago 

I was vegan for about 4-5 years and really enjoyed it.


It has been about a week now of being vegan for the second time in my life and I am already loving it again. I also prefer the term plant-based instead of vegan because vegan sounds like a disease and illness to some people whereas plant-based is just a dietary lifestyle choice much like “keto” and “paleo” and “low carb” and all the other fad diets out there.

It feels really good knowing I am getting my nutrients straight from the source and not getting my nutrients from a secondary source. For example, when you eat meat, the only reason you can get nutrients from that is because the animal ate plants before it died. So eating plants instead can just skip the middle man and let you get the same nutrients and even more fresh.

This post is not designed to convert you vegan (which is impossible anyways, it has to be an internal choice) it is more to just motivate myself and also explain my reasoning if anybody is going to wonder why I eat differently now.

Some of the biggest arguments against a plant based diet are protein and vitamin B12. Protein is available in literally any living cell including plants and animals. To put it in perspective even fruit (which people see as just sugar typically) is about 5% protein. Fruit! Protein!! It is time for people to learn about molecular biology and the biology of living cells. Also B12 is made by gut bacteria within your body. So also not an argument against a plant based diet.

If a gorilla can kick your ass (which most can) by eating just bananas all day, then the gorilla is healthy AF. So there is really no rational argument against veganism from a health standpoint. Humans have access to hundreds of different types of plant based foods, and even if we only had bananas we would still be just fine as the evidence of the badass gorilla shows.

I am also intrigued by the biological differences between us and real carnivores. Real carnivores have an extremely short digestive tract because they have to push out the rotting meat quicker. By comparison I think our digestive tract is like 3X longer because we are supposed to be eating nutrient rich plant foods instead of meat. We also don’t have the very long sharp teeth that carnivores have. People like to reference our “canine” teeth but if you compare these tiny canines to actual carnivore canines they are pretty much flat. Another interesting thing most people don’t know is carnivores can’t move their jaw sideways in a grinding motion. They can only move their jaw up and down. Our jaw can move in a grinding motion because we are meant to eat plants with our flat teeth and grind down things like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, etc.

Just some interesting facts that I like to resonate with and have really helped me wake up. Lately I’ve been feeling like an old man and in the past week or so I’ve been feeling much better! 😋

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Ok thanks for the heads up. I wish there was a website that said what each tribe is about. It is not really concise where we are to learn about each of them...

It is nice to see that you are vegan and enjoy the life.
I like the Plant based diet people.