WE NEED CLEAN WATER: How to prepare clean water

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Water for life
The problem of clean water is the most fatal thing for our lives. Where every day we need clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing and so on. With clean water certainly makes us avoid disease. If we know, the current problem of clean water is almost a rare item, especially in big cities like Jakarta. Groundwater was polluted, either by weathering organic matter, heavy metal, smelly, yellow or turbid calcareous. So it is not worth consuming.

As in our residential area, groundwater quality is not very good. Almost all homes that use well water or groundwater complain, because it is yellow and smelly. So for the needs of drinking water and cooking had to buy water from the water depot refills. But to wash and bathe them use well water or groundwater there.

How to prepare clean water and proper for consumption?
Facing a yellow and smelly water problem made me always look for ways to enjoy the water in a state of consumption. So I tried to make a small filter. I make filtering with several layers of material, which are filled with natural materials, such as rocks, sand, coir fibers and charcoal. The arrangement of the material is as follows:
a) layer 1: fist-sized stones
b) layer 2: fiber coir as sand filter
c) layer 3: charcoal
d) layer 4: river sand
This experiment was successful. The water coming out of the filtration is clearer, clearer and odorless.

Armed with that experiment then I try to make filtering in bigger size, in the form of filtering. The size of the filtration bath is 1.5 m x 0.70 m, and is 0.8 m tall. I have prepared a basement shelter under the size of 1.5 m x 1.5 m and a height of 0.8 m. The picture can be seen below. The composition of the filtering material remains as in the experiment above. It's just in layer 2, fibers fibers I replace with foam. Its function remains the same, namely to hold the sand and strain the water.

Tub filtering and water storage



Water in / supply


Water out / result


Color comparison of the water supply (in) and water result (out)


Comparison of water in the bathroom, before and after screening.



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