when your talent is not worthy of your vision, it is time to cultivate.

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I chatted with a colleague after work. I asked her, "Is there any concern that company colleagues rarely write articles on the company's WeChat public account?"
She is very sincere. "The first thing is that there are too few rewards. Everyone feels that it is hard to write an article. There are only a few hundred rewards, and Mi Meng’s collection fee is thousands, and the difference is too big. There is a company whose public number is relatively low, not as strong as Mi Meng, and I don’t want to vote."
I have to say that my colleague's eyes are quite high! I like Mi Meng like me, so it’s so good!
But I don't want to go to Mi Mong's list at the moment, and I don't want to be like Mimeng, because I know that my talent is still not enough.
You will only see the brilliant results of others, but you will not see the hard work and persistence behind them for ten years.
You may not know, Mi Meng before the official number, graduated from the Master of Arts, published several books, wrote millions of words, in the Shenzhen Southern Metropolis Daily as the editor for ten years, Weibo fans hundreds of thousands...
You said that you want to be on the list of people who are forced to do the same, I ask, have you written millions of words? Or a few hundred thousand Weibo fans?
Maybe you want to say, I didn't think I was a talented person like Mi Meng. I just wanted to contribute to Mi Meng, and I can put a second and third one. Li Ruiqing, an intern like Mi Meng, can't write a 10-year text so well in 1998.
He did not have a decade of writing career, but at the age of 13, he published the book "I am in Shenzhen" and became a bestseller at the time. In the literary world at that time, it was passed down as a legend.
Excuse me, have you published a few books? How is the sales volume?
You only see that Mi Meng sucks 3 million in 9 months. You only see Li Ruiqing write an article and praise more than Mi Meng. You don't see every man behind the slogan, there must be a strong person; behind each article that can be selected like the Mimi, there must be a talented person.
In fact, "good high school" is a good thing, but you must keep up with your talents! Otherwise you ask so much, your eyes are so high, you can't go to heaven!
Take a good look at yourself, not letting you look down on yourself, letting you see yourself. Don't be arrogant; more, don't be arrogant.3.jpg
Dear, when your talent is not worthy of your vision, it is time to cultivate.
During the cultivation period, your level is high and low, but you are asked to give you a relatively equal reward. Well, you think it’s really beautiful!
During the cultivation, the most important thing is not the reward, but the encounter with a master, meeting like-minded partners, and then learning, changing, and growing together.
The colleague who chatted last night, although many people around me did not contribute, she still wrote the manuscript. From the first time she saw her text to the most recent one, it can be seen that her writing is no longer the original innocence, and there is no longer the initial inspiration but the trouble of not knowing where to start.
She is a girl who is clear and a smart person. She knows that she has not yet got the best work to be recognized by others. She does not ask for compensation to use all resources to polish her wings. Wait until one day, she already has enough talent and works to negotiate with others, and those people are still watching in the same place...4.jpg

If your talent is worthy of your vision, congratulations, change for you, be looked up by others.
And when you get beautiful fruit, it is said by others that she just has a good platform. Only you know that this platform is how much effort and bitterness you get.
Perhaps then you realized that for those who look up to you, what they should do now is not to look up, but to bow their heads and work hard.
There will always be a silent time, you will work hard, endure doubt and loneliness. Do not complain or complain, only you know. Until you become a good person, faintly talk to people, you can be moved by the days!